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The beauty of the Ragdoll is only one of their many features. Their disposition and personality are what makes them a truly unique cat. They are quiet, playful, placid, relaxed and very loving. They make a wonderful house or apartment cat, because they adapt well to the indoors.

The overall impression given by a Ragdoll is that of a large, powerful, imposing cat, distinctively marked and striking in appearance. The cats should be relaxed in temperament, gentle and easy to handle.

Ragdolls are docile, large and affectionate and respond well to children and other pets. Ragdolls and dogs do especially well together if the dog is well mannered. Children should be watched around a Ragdoll kitten, but most Ragdolls raised with children will tolerate being "lugged" around the house and be happy to be played with.

Ragdolls are slow to mature physically obtaining full maturity between 3 and 4 years of age. Altered adult males may reach 15 to 20 pounds; females will weigh about 5 pounds less.

The Ragdolls fur is rabbit-like, medium long with little shedding. Remember, all animals, including humans do shed their fur, so expect some shedding in the spring and fall. What is nice about the Ragdoll fur is that it is very easy to pick up. The Ragdoll requires little or no routine grooming.

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