Double Grand Champion
Luvez Swarovski of Zelkova

* 10 Generations of Show Champions *

Blue Bicolor Male

Sire: Classyrags Haagen Dazs of LuvEZ
Dam: CH/RW QGC LuvEZ Patent Pendin

Pedigree Part 1Part 2

DNA Tested Negative for HCM

We are very proud to present our handsome blue bicolor male. Swarovski's name comes from the crystal company because we have big plans for him and believe he will be a shining star. He has an impressive pedigree and we thoroughly enjoy showing our big boy with TICA. We want to continue this exquisite line of champions.

In addition to his thick plush coat and great bicolor markings, he is simply the sweetest boy ever! He's curious and inquisitive, so he is always there to greet guests at the front door. Likes to follow me around the house and keep me company, as many Ragdolls do. Swarovski tends to roll over and close his eyes in contentment when you give him a good belly rub. Did I mention how much he adores his brushing sessions? He can be found purring more often than not. You can expect some incredibly beautiful, big and lovable kittens from this guy.

~ Swarovski is retired from our cattery ~

As a kitten

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